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Copperwares Private Limited was originally established in 1960. Drawing on decades of experience, the Copperwares team of 130 craftsmen produce an extensive range of silver and copper plated hollowware which is sold under the Windsor Silverware, Royal Sable Copperware, Royal African Collection, Gastone and the Sunray Bangle brand names.

Husband and wife team Bruce and Nicola Johnson purchased Copperwares Private Limited in August 2000. Since the acquisition of this silverware and copperware business, the dynamic duo have aspired to the words of famous silversmith George Jensen who stated that, "Everyday objects should be beautiful and enrich lives."

Under the leadership of the Johnsons, Copperwares is stronger today than ever. Since their start the couple have launched the Royal African Collection and purchased the Gastone brand. Exciting new contemporary designs and an African identity including teak wood, original stone carving and hand-blown glass have been introduced into some of the collections.

Copperwares now supply over 60 local customers and export to the USA, the UK, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Mocambique. South African customers include chains such as Spilhaus. Copperwares are also suppliers to many exclusive hotels and lodges in Southern Africa such as The Victoria Falls Hotel, Meikles Africa and Singita.

A combination of meticulous craftmanship, artistic design and the highest standard of manufacture continue to be the basis of Copperwares' success.


HOLLOWWARE - At Copperwares we use the finest copper, mined in Africa and processed and rolled in Italy to the highest standards, for our silver plated and copper hollowware. The sheet copper ranges in thickness from 0.2mm to 1.6mm and is cut into different size disks depending on the product. The disks are spun over forming dies to create different shapes. A product can be made up of between one and five of these shapes. These shapes are soldered together. Copper wire, brass and cast handles are used to create handles and stems.

Once assembled the product is polished to give a high mirror shine. If the product is copper hollowware it is lacquered to protect the shine. If the product is silver plated hollowware it is electroplated with 26 microns (except on our cutlery range which is plated to 40 microns) of silver and given a final polish. We use the lost wax process for casting all intricate and detailed pieces and pewter casting for our handles.
pouring molten metal
wax trees
brass casting

WALL PICTURES - The bright African sun is depicted on many of our products by a 'burst of sunrays' emanating from the centre of the copper background. This effect is achieved by our copper artisans who hand polish each piece. Only pure copper is used to produce a durable product. It is then the turn of our team of talented local artists who make each item unique by hand painting African bush scenery and village scenes onto many of our products.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our animal figures used in the Gastone range which are highly detailed and remarkably true to life. Our craftsmen hand mould each figure in polyester resin, which is sprayed with copper powder.

Our woodworking department uses a variety of woods from managed forests in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe to frame many of our pictures and to produce our range of jewellery boxes.

pouring the moulds

hand painting



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