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At Royal Sable Copperware we stand true to our company commitment to make everyday products that are beautiful and enrich people's lives. Our range of copper hollowware products combine the best of meticulous craftsmanship and artistic design and glow with the warmth of the African sun.

Copper in the home comes from the old European tradition where things "were meant to last for generations." Today's homeowners love naturally occurring materials to be incorporated into their living space and choose copper products for their value for money, outstanding quality and their sheer beauty.

Metallic colours have surfaced as this year's most important design direction with copper and brass hues high on the list. According to the Pantone Institute which gathers information on colour trends worldwide "Copper and brass invite a nurturing feeling and in the stressful times we're living in the need to embody warmth resonates with a lot of people." All of the products in the Royal Sable Copperware range are either available in copper or can be produced in brass by customer request.

People are turning again to copper to add refinement and a sense of luxury to their homes. The rich red gold hues of Royal Sable Copperware are so warm and homely they invite people in as well as glamorizing a setting.